Overheard on the bus the other day: 

"I just want more lean muscle, y'know?" 
"Yawp, yep. Me too."


I can't spell restaraunt, but I know that muscle is just muscle! 

Generally, when you say "I want lean muscle" you're confusing lean body mass and skeletal muscle. 

Go on... 

Lean body mass is your full body composition: water, fat, organs, skin, and muscle, minus fat. 

Skeletal muscle is the muscle attached to your bones: biceps, triceps, gluteus maximus etc., which can be manipulated with nutrition and training. 

To increase your lean body mass (which is what you really mean when you say "lean muscle"), you need to increase skeletal muscle mass and decrease body fat. 

Very simply, you can do this by lifting weights or bodyweight training, while reducing your calorie intake so it's at a deficit. 

There you go now! Enjoy slipping that into a casual conversation. A good segue might be to mention therestarant restaraunt restaurant you're going to suss out at the weekend. 

Bonus points for saying to your trainer: “I want to increase my lean body mass. Please and thanks." 

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Written by Dee Behan

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