For women who work damn hard and want to feel damn good.

FRANKLY SO is a newsletter for women who work damn hard and want to feel damn good_

BUT, we’ve taken a break because we’re currently on a mission to redefine flexible working for ALL women. FRANKLY CO is coming to Sydney soon.

WHY? Because, while speaking to all these incredible women and working on creating this newsletter every week, alongside Doing Life, we realised that there isn’t one place to bring it altogether. We need more. And it needs to be better-er. So, we’re doing something about it.

frankly co coworking designed for women

Close your eyes and keep reading: Imagine a place you can work-work, create, workout, and wind down, in a way that works for you. Somewhere to focus alone or connect with others. With workshops and talks on the stuff that makes you nervous. Plus feel-good products and services to make you feel better-er. 

It’s open and bright. It’s cosy and quiet. It’s what you need, depending on how you feel. With coffee. Great coffee. 

And, frankies our on-site creche. 

FRANKLY CO is coming. We can’t wait to meet you.