She's an international speaker, best-selling writer, founded
global multimedia business, and is still one of the most humble people
we've spoken to. 


We asked Lisa Messenger to share how she takes care of herself
while managing a successful and complex career. Pay attention.


Lisa, what makes you feel overwhelmed or stressed, and how do you overcome it? The little things: details, operations. Put me in a big situation anywhere in the world, with anyone, and I shine. But if I see a vase with no water and drooping flowers I go nuts. 

I consciously surround myself with detail-oriented people who are doers, so I can get on with the strategising. [It’s important to] know your weaknesses. 

Do you struggle with confidence and self-worth? Not anymore, but I did for years. I spent most of my 20s living life according to other people's expectations, and feeling completely isolated and lost. 

Over the years, through personal and business education and self-development, I've built up a very healthy sense of confidence and self-worth. I've detailed my journey in my books. 

Do you believe your environment, and the people in it, contribute to your wellbeing? Absolutely 100 percent. Sometimes I need to feel safe and nurtured somewhere that makes sense for me. Other times, I need to throw myself into spaces and places that are far reaching beyond my comfort zone, to give me a good shake up and move me to another dimension within myself. 

I have friends and colleagues from all walks of life and all different industries. I have "yes" people and "no" people. I have spiritual, heart-centred people and I have heady, straight-shooting business people. I draw on them when I need them. 

How do you find your calm? With a big, busy life, calm is imperative. For me, it's mostly in nature – swimming, long walks, sunset picnics, boating – with my dog Benny and my amazing partner. 

We also have a lot of dinner parties at home – good food and friends are everything. And I have a strong ritual around my meditation, yoga and journaling. 

I also love love love gardening. 

What's one piece of advice you wish people would stop giving you? None, really. I'm very careful about boundaries, how I ask for advice, and who I listen to. I generally ask only for "advice based on experience". 

What’s the one habit you can’t live without right now? Barre Body. And more recently Bende in Byron Bay. 

What have you bought recently (for less than $100) that has had a positive impact on your wellbeing? Audiobooks. On the beach, in the car, walking – I consume them constantly.

Interviewed by Dee Behan

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