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Lizzie Bland is the founder of Lean Bean Fitness, Lean Bean Retreats, and a Lululemon ambassador. After graduating from the prestigious Urdang Dance Academy in London, she moved to Australia and has since dedicated herself to building a fitness community in Sydney. Lizzie's a giant ball of fun energy and a force to be reckoned with. She now runs two studios where she and her sidekick poodle Artie continue to make women laugh while getting sweaty.


What makes me feel good: Going to bed early. 

Bedtime for me is 8:30pm and I'll wake up naturally at 6:30am – that's 10 hours sleep. Seems a little extreme and I doubt I actually need that much, but I'll enjoy it while I can, I suppose. My whole family wakes up at ridiculous o'clock even if we go to bed late. I'm so envious of people who can sleep in until 9am without effort – that's a skill. 

Sleep is the be(d)st. I sleep on a full stomach because if I don't, I wake up hungry and need to drink a glass of milk to get back asleep (maybe the 10 hours is too much, ha). In the hour before bed I try not to look at my phone and read my book instead. 

I have some weird routines before sleeping: I need to wash my feet and I have a thing called a "twiddles", which is a bit of ribbon that's been knotted in a loop that I twiddle. I have a few of them in case I run out! If I lose it I panic and will wake my boyfriend up in case he's lying on it. I've also just invested in an alarm clock that I LOVE because it wakes me up to Smooth FM with some Whitney, George Michael, or Stevie Wonder wonderfulness. 

I also meditate. It's really helped me in work. Instead of getting overwhelmed like in the past, I'm more methodical about the tasks I need to do. I take longer to assess what needs to be done and when, rather than trying to do everything by yesterday. 

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After a year-long hiatus in Byron after a decade long fashion styling career, Prue moved to Melbourne to begin her career as a photographer, which is something she'd always wanted to do. On arrival, she and her partner at the time found out they were having a baby. While studying full-time and being denied two job opportunities due to her pregnancy, Prue vowed she would never work for anyone else again, and made the pivotal choice to start her own photography business.


What makes me feel good: Meditation. 

Over a year ago I learnt Vedic meditation and since then I prioritise 20 minutes of meditation, twice a day. It has allowed me to work with clarity and live in flow. Before I learned to mediate I would regularly have breakdowns caused by taking on too much, which would send me into a tizz about all aspects of my life. Vedic meditation is my answer to feeling overwhelmed. It's something I recommend to all my friends. 

Besides meditation, I like to travel for a holiday or work. I book the trips three months in advance so there is always some light at the end of the tunnel. I work hard to play hard, but I love what I do. I also enjoy Shiatsu massages. 

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Interviewed by Dee Behan

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