Dream & Do is Tara Shelton's personal mantra, so it's apt the founder and creative director chose to bring it to life as a creative agency for startups, business visionaries, and dreamers.

She also co-founded Little Succers, a same-day succulent delivery service, and runs an entrepreneurial breakfast event series called Cereal Entrepreneurs

She doesn't take herself too seriously but she's serious about what she does. So, with multiple businesses and a family to juggle, we asked Tara to share how she looks after herself so she can stay on top of everything else. 


How do you plan your look-after-yourself time and routine? I don't have any specific plans to look after myself, apart from going to the gym. I recently started personal training to keep me accountable and that feels good. I would love to start yoga again, but I am a mum and a business owner, so I am pretty busy! 

Do you struggle with confidence and self-worth? I am a pretty confident person, but my self-worth can be a struggle. I sometimes judge it by how much money I earn and I don't think that is too healthy. 

Because I own a business, my income is always in the air, and sometimes I get down if I am not earning enough, or I compare it to what I would earn if I were in a normal job, earning a salary. 

In these times, I ask myself if that is what I really want – I know it is not. I value the creativity, spontaneity, adrenaline, and freedom of running my own business – money is not my priority. 

What's one piece of advice, you are constantly passing on to friends, or anyone that will listen?Have more FUN! We are under so much pressure these days to have it all, and wellness can sometimes feel like another burden. I think it is important to think about what you love doing, and what makes you laugh and feel good. Life is too short not to [have] fun. 

You've taken on too much and have an "oh faaaaaack" moment: What do you do to overcome feeling overwhelmed? Write a massive list and ask for help. Sometimes you just have too much on – you need to see it in writing, then start outsourcing. 

I had a moment recently, so I called my sister-in-law to babysit, then contacted two designers who could help me with my workload. I felt heaps better. Don't be too proud [to ask for help]. 

What helps you stay motivated and focused on a task or goal? I love a vision board and the powers of the universe. I do believe what you focus on will come your way. 

I recently had to bin my vision board as I had achieved most of the things on there. I think success just brings more success as you get hooked on the feeling. 

What have you bought recently (for less than $100) that has had a positive impact on your wellbeing? A facial, which was a hundred bucks and amazing. I am going to start having those more regularly. 

I am a late bloomer to the trend, but I recently got Shellac and can't believe how good it is. Having groomed nails makes me feel feminine and in control, even though at times that is just an illusion. 

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Interviewed by Dee Behan

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